Let’s consider the real meaning of the word “revolutionary,” a word that should be reserved to describe a truly ground-breaking phenomenon. Changing anything that dramatically is rare. We are talking about something that turns the world, society, an industry, whatever it may be, upside-down.

Revolutionaries rock the boat. They make the “powers that be” uncomfortable, and they’re often dismissed or silenced. Why? Because anything that challenges the status quo, disrupts the norm and levels the playing field can be seen as scary.

That’s what makes me believe the word “revolutionary” applies to the Roth IRA conversion strategy that I coined the Roth Right conversion.

People also say nothing is guaranteed but death and taxes. But the truth is, taxes are a little more flexible. Smart strategies can save you a lot of money – to the tune of millions of dollars. They don’t make it easy, so you need an expert in your corner. Lucky for you, the team at Roth Right and Mid Atlantic Financial is armed with decades of experience in financial planning, wealth management and tax strategy. 

At any stage of your career, it makes sense to consider your finances and make sure you’re setting yourself up for the best possible future. You want your money in the right hands – your own. Not Uncle Sam’s. There is no better time than now to consider your future wealth and set yourself up for not only a successful, but a prosperous, financial outlook. 

I built the Mid Atlantic Financial family of companies to put my depth of experience from 40 years in the financial industry to work for you. The Roth Right conversion is a safe and effective way to grow wealth you would otherwise lose to taxes – effectively saving you up to 40% of the taxes you would have otherwise paid in a traditional conversion. This type of conversion is for high net-worth individuals to preserve what they have worked so hard for their entire lives. We only want the best possible outcome for you, so know that we’ll be completely up front with you about all of the value and benefits, as well as the potential drawbacks, of embarking on the Roth Right conversion tax strategy.

The Roth Right conversion is only one portion of what the team at Mid Atlantic Financial can do for you. I’ve built a talented team of trusted advisors and strategists who will truthfully guide you through the best possible options for your financial planning, risk management, estate planning, and retirement planning needs. Contact us at Mid Atlantic Financial to find out how you can benefit from the many unique services we have to offer. Some of them actually are pretty revolutionary. That’s not bragging – it’s been proven, again and again, by the results we get for our clients.