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Founding Visionaries (1998)

Established in 1998, Senior Settlements emerged as a pioneer, introducing Life Settlements to the Capital Markets. Demonstrating foresight, the company engaged Bear Stearns in 1999 for financial advisory and investment banking services, marking a significant milestone in the industry. In 2000, Senior Settlements achieved another breakthrough by closing one of the earliest credit facilities for life settlement acquisitions with Dresdner Bank, securing $100 million.

Fast forward to today, the legacy of Senior Settlements lives on within Mid Atlantic Financial. We go beyond by offering accredited investors unparalleled opportunities, providing access to non-correlated alternative asset funds. Our approach is curated by sophisticated fund managers with proven success, ensuring a careful and strategic investment process. Additionally, we present a comprehensive range of tax-saving strategies meticulously designed to align with the benefits of a Roth IRA. This expansion signifies our dedication to innovation and excellence, granting investors access to institutional-quality investments without institutional costs. At Mid Atlantic Financial, we drive innovation and empower our investors to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the market with confidence.

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We believe in quality of selection. We have access to nearly every life insurance policy in the life settlement market. No other life settlement firm can match our breadth of expertise or depth of policy acquisition capability.

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Learn why big investment banks such as Deutsche Bank, Berkshire Hathaway and AIG have placed billions in this asset class.

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